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Student Conduct

TLC 4Even though the TLC is an alternative school, and most of our students are placed with us due to student disciplinary hearings or waivers, the discipline referrals are very low. We attribute this to our faculty and staff. They provide help and an environment that ensures positive behaviors. 

Bulloch County Schools LogoBulloch County Schools  Student Handbook

Education is a vital part of the American democratic commitment. The mastery of basic skills, the development of the ability to reason, and character development must be fundamental components of the educational process in America's schools. Just as essential as these components is the advancement of the value of living in a free-enterprise system. The goal of education in America is to produce individuals who are knowledgeable and can make decisions for themselves as free members of a democratic society.


                   Access an online version of the Bulloch County Schools Handbook via this link. Printed copies of the Student Handbook are issued to students on their first day of school.  Each Student Handbook includes an Affirmation Form that should be signed by the student and the parent/guardian and returned to the school to acknowledge receipt of the publication and agreement to comply with the policies of the school district.







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