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Guidance Counseling

The Transitions Learning Center has a full-time guidance counselor. Guidance counselors from the middle and high schools provide valuable educational information about students to the our counselor. When a student enters the Transitions Learning Center, the administrator, counselor and teachers review Individualized Learning Plans that have been submitted by the student’s home school guidance counselors. These plans include the following information:

  • I-Ready scores
  • Georgia Milestones Assessment System scores 
  • Attendance records
  • Discipline records
  • Special education accommodations
  • Credits earned to-date for high school students.

Based on this data, our administrators determine a plan that will fit the student’s needs. Each time students take a standardized test, we analyze the data and create an action plan to meet the needs of individuals as well as groups of students. Also, if a student needs to talk to a counselor due to issues unrelated or related to school, our on-site counselor is more than willing to help. This counselor is also a valuable resource when students are transitioned back to their home school campus.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning Resources