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Transitions Learning Center

Bulloch County Schools

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    Back-to-School Information for 2021-2022

    The first day of school for the 2021-2022 school year is Monday, August 2. This is important information to know as we prepare to go back to school. For more information, visit our Back-to-School Toolkit on our website.


    Register for School

    All student registration can be done online via any Internet-enabled device you have. If you are unable to register online or need assistance, you may make an appointment with your zoned school to use their computer kiosks. High school offices are open throughout the summer, and elementary and middle school offices will reopen on July 8. If you don't know your school zone, find it here.

    Open House for Schools

    All of Bulloch County Schools’ elementary, middle and high schools will host open houses for students and their families. This is a time to receive important information, meet teachers, and more.


    Please note that for families of pre-kindergarten, rising sixth-grade, and rising ninth-grade students, your schools may host additional open houses for just your grade levels.  If they do, your schools will communicate this information with you and place it on their websites and social media.


    These are the dates and times of our open houses:

    • Traditional Learning (face-to-face): Thursday, July 29, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for elementary schools and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for middle and high schools. These open houses are held at each individual school.
    • Virtual Learning Program: Thursday, July 29, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the William James Educational Complex Cafeteria, located at 150 Williams Road in Statesboro. Guests may enter the entrance marked with the letter E on the east side of the building under the portico. Families will receive important orientation information, meet teachers, and check out needed technology devices.

    School Supplies

    Elementary and middle schools will post their schools’ supply lists on their websites and social media. Supplies for high school students are course specific, so teachers will make students aware of any needed supplies the first day of school. 


    First Day of School – Attendance Matters

    The first day of school is Monday, Aug. 2.  Attendance matters each day, so please help us set the standard by ensuring that all children are at school on the first day and arrive on time.  A complete 2021-2022 School Calendar is available of the district website.


    First Day Traffic Reminders

    Please remember that school car line wait times will be longer and traffic heavier the first few weeks of school before some children transition to riding school buses.  Please allow plenty of time to arrive safely and on time. Each school's start and end time is listed on our website.


    New Year-New Faces - School administrators in new roles

    Multiple schools have new leaders for the 2021-2022 school year.  For a complete list of the principals and assistant principals assigned to each school, visit the school district's list of school websites.


    School Safety:

    Bulloch County Schools has visitor protocols in place, and all schools use an electronic visitor check-in system, called CheckMate. While all schools will use a supervised open-door policy the first two weeks of the school year to accommodate new and young students and their families, on Aug. 16, strict adherence to school system visitor protocols will begin.


    On that date, to ensure the safety of all adults and children in the schools, all visitors will be required to present a state-issued picture identification card or driver’s license to gain entry past the secured areas of any of the school district’s schools.  Should a visitor not have a state-issued identification card, other acceptable forms of picture identification may be accepted at the discretion of school administrators.


    School administrators have the authority to ask any visitor to explain his or her presence in a school building. Review the school district’s visitor protocols and frequently asked questions on our website.


    Online Tools to Assist Families

    • Online Registration: All new student registration for Bulloch County Schools’ students is done online, either via the district's website or via computer kiosks at all schools during school hours. Families have convenient 24-7 access to use the online registration tool from anywhere and from any Internet-enabled device.  Visit to begin. High school offices are open throughout the summer, and elementary and middle school offices will reopen on July 8, if you need assistance.
    • Online Campus Parent & Campus Student: Parents and students have enjoyed 24-7 online access to attendance, class schedules, assignments, grades, report cards and announcements through Campus Parent Portal (Campus Portal) for almost 10 years. To better serve you, Campus Portal has been upgraded to Campus Parent and Campus Student. Visit the school district’s website or speak with your school’s media specialist about the use of these free online tools.
    • Back-to-School Toolkit: Visit our one-stop online resource for all our back-to-school information.

    All Children Eat for Free

    For the 2021-2022 school year, all children will receive free breakfast and free lunch. This is made possible by the United States Department of Agriculture’s continued extension of its Seamless Summer Feeding program in response to COVID-19.  Students may still purchase second servings and non-menu a-la-carte items. The MySchoolBucks website and mobile app are still available to manage meal account funds online.


    Returning Students - Confirm and Update Information

    If you have a returning student, we require families to confirm their information and make any necessary updates. This can be done in the Campus Parent account for each child. Follow the directions below to complete this task prior to  August 31.

    • Login to your Infinite Campus Parent Account
    • You will be on the Announcements page. 
    • Click on the "More" link from the site's menu. 
    • Click on the "Online Registration" link from the options.
    • Select "Update information for student(s) who are currently enrolled in this district"  if your child is a returning student.  If you have a brand new student, who will attend school with us for the first time, select the "Register student(s) who have never been enrolled in this district."
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to update your child's information for the new school year.
    • Be sure to hit the "Submit" button.
    • You will receive a confirmation email that your information was received and processed properly.
    Register new K-12 students online now for 2021-2022

    Registration is now open online for new students for grades Kindergarten through twelfth-grade. 


    Registration is now open online for new students for 2021-2022. Children who will be new to Bulloch County Schools for the upcoming school year, in any grade, especially Kindergarten, can now be registered online on the school district's website. 


    Registration can be done anytime, anywhere via any internet-enabled device. Families who do not have access to an internet-enabled device, may make an appointment to use a computer kiosk at their zoned school. If they have more than one child, they may make an appointment to register all of their children at their oldest child's zoned school.


    If a child is already enrolled in a Bulloch County Schools Pre-Kindergarten classroom this year, the family does not need to register the child for Kindergarten unless the child will attend a different school than where he or she attended Pre-kindergarten.


    In accordance with state guidelines, a child is eligible to attend Kindergarten in Bulloch County for the 2021-2022 school year if he or she will be five-years-old by September 1, 2021, and the legal, custodial parents or guardians are residents of Bulloch County.


    Registration is not for currently enrolled students unless a family plans to move a child to a different school zone within the Bulloch County School District.  If a child is already a student in the district, and the family has simply moved residences within their same school zone, or if a family needs to update information about their child,  they do not need to register for school. They may update information online in their Campus Parent Portal or contact their child's school.


    If a child is advancing from elementary to middle school or middle to high school within their current school zone's feeder pattern schools, registration is not required.  The child's records will automatically be forwarded to their new feeder-pattern school.


    On the Registration website, families can find a convenient checklist of documents they will need to register their child as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.

    Virtual Learning 2021-2022: Registration closed; Families may apply for waiting list

    Editor's Note: Updated  May 6, 2021


    The deadline (May 5) to register for Bulloch County's 2021-2022 Virtual Learning Program has now passed. Families may still Register for Virtual Learning for 2021-2022; however, placement is not guaranteed. Students will be placed on a waiting list for available spaces by grade level.


    All families who are interested in their child being in Bulloch County School's Virtual Learning Program for the new school year must apply, even if their child was a virtual learner for the 2020-2021 school year.  Families must submit an application online for each child they wish to enroll in the Virtual Program. Students are not automatically re-enrolled in virtual learning.


    To have been included in the lottery drawing for available slots, online applications had to be received by 11:59 p.m., on Wednesday, May 5.  A process is in place to consider prioritizing applications for hardship situations and for children of our virtual learning program employees.


    Who is eligible to apply?

    The Virtual Learning Program will be for students in grades Kindergarten through Twelfth-grade. The Pre-Kindergarten program is administered by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.  Bulloch County Schools does not intend to provide a virtual option for Pre-Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year.


    Required Pre-Application Overview Session

    To be eligible to apply, parents must have attended one of four available pre-application overview sessions that were held in early April. If you were unable to attend one of the pre-application overview sessions, you may watch a recorded version of the Pre-Application Overview Session and verify that you have done so. Simply select the "I will watch the recorded orientation session," option when you access this link to begin. 


    After completing this process, you will receive a unique code to complete the registration process.  This is to ensure that all interested parents receive important orientation information and are fully aware of the structure and requirements of the program before submitting an application. Students are not required to attend tor watch the overview session.


    Access to Watch the Overview Session Again

    If you have already completed an orientation and received a unique code, but wish to access the presentation to review, you may view it here for direct access to a recording of the presentation."


    Parents who submitted an interest survey earlier this year must still apply for the Virtual Program. High school students intending to be fully enrolled in dual enrollment classes (no classes taken at high school) should not submit a virtual program application.


    Lottery Drawing for the Virtual Learning Program

    In the event that more applications are received than spaces available in the program, lottery drawings will be conducted via a live stream event on Friday, May 7. Those not selected for the Virtual Learning Program will be placed on the waiting list in the order drawn.  


    Virtual Program Open House and Orientation

    All students who are selected for placement in the 2021-2022 Bulloch County Schools Virtual Program and their parents will also be required to participate in a 2021-2022 Virtual Program Open House and Orientation. Dates and location for the open house and orientation will be announced this summer.


    During this orientation, the parents and students will meet their teachers, participate in break-out sessions where they will receive grade level-specific expectations, receive instruction on the digital platforms used, and get help setting up Campus Student and Campus Parent accounts. In addition, technology staff will be available to check out technology devices (Chromebooks) to families.   


    Is Virtual Learning the best option?

    The Virtual Program is not an appropriate instructional model for all students.  Parents should carefully read the school district’s Virtual Learning Program Handbook for Parents and Students and consider whether the Virtual Program is an appropriate environment for their child. If your student was not successful in the virtual program in 2020-2021, the district strongly discourages you from applying for the 2021-2022 virtual program.  


    Placement will be for the full school year

    Parents of students enrolling in the Virtual Program will be required to commit to their choice for the full academic year, which for 2021-2022, is Monday, August 2 through Wednesday, May 25.  This is critical to avoid staffing moves throughout the school year, which cause disruptions for both traditional (face-to-face) and virtual learners.


    Welcome to Transitions Learning Center

    The Transitions Learning Center is one of three alternative learning centers which serve the unique educational needs of children in Bulloch County.  The Transitions Learning Center serves students in sixth through twelfth-grade who have been referred to the program and need a more non-traditional learning environment to help ensure their success.

    It is designed to provide a smaller, safe learning area where students can focus on academics instead of the social issues that affect some students at larger school settings. The Center has many strengths that we believe lead to student success. Each of these factors translates into student motivation, academic achievement, and school success:

    • Certified teachers with high expectations and willingness to invest in the success of each student.
    • Teachers who can work one-on-one with students as needed to ensure learning is occurring daily.
    • Teachers who provide an environment that fosters positive behaviors and academic growth.
    • Tutors, high school teachers and Georgia Southern University students who rotate throughout each classroom to meet with students and enrich the curriculum being taught within the E-2020 online curriculum.
    • A counselor to provide not only graduation and post-secondary guidance, but social and emotional learning support.