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The Transitions Learning Center (TLC) is one of three alternative learning centers which serve the unique educational needs of children in Bulloch County.  The TLC serves students in sixth through twelfth-grade who have been referred to the program and need a more non-traditional learning environment to help ensure their success.


It is designed to provide a smaller, safe learning area where students can focus on academics instead of the social issues that affect some students at larger school settings. The TLC has many strengths that we believe lead to student success. Each of these factors translates into student motivation, academic achievement, and school success:

  • Certified teachers with high expectations and willingness to invest in the success of each student.
  • Teachers who can work one-on-one with students as needed to ensure learning is occurring daily.
  • Teachers who provide an environment that fosters positive behaviors and academic growth.
  • Tutors, high school teachers and Georgia Southern University students who rotate throughout each classroom to meet with TLC students and enrich the curriculum being taught by E2020.
  • A counselor to provide not only graduation and post-secondary guidance, but social and emotional learning support.



Adrian Peterson Guest SpeakerThe Transitions Learning Center was fortunate to host, Adrian Peterson, a former collegiate and NFL running back, who shared with students how he overcame a physical disability to achieve success.  Peterson has a speech impediment. His book, Don't 'Dis My Abilities, chronicles his experiences.  He is a frequent speaker in K-12 schools, where he motivates children to strive to succeed not matter life's obstacles.


TLC 11Matt Bellace, a motivational speaker, author and standup comedian, was the featured speaker at the 2012 Town Hall Discussion on Underage Substance Abuse and at a two-day series of presentations to students in Bulloch County Schools' three high schools and Transitions Learning Center. The New York native is the author of “A Better High,” and he holds a doctorate in clinical and neural psychology.

Bellace’s message to students encouraged healthy choices and the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He spoke about the benefits of natural highs like exercise and music opposed to drugs and alcohol, which lead to bad pain that has long term effects. The programs were made possible by the Coalition for a Drug-Free Bulloch County and the Grants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse.